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Free Lesson Plan: Supplement for Order of Operations

This is meant to support a lesson when teaching order of operations.

I Can

I can understand and use the order of operations.


Students will be able to implement the order of operations correctly.

Common Core Standards

CCSS.Math.Content.5.OA.A.1 Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate expressions with these symbols.


Basic knowledge of order of operations


Cheat sheet of the order of operations.
Student aid
Teacher aid


Worksheet (there’s tons of free ones online)
Quiz (same as above- whatever quiz you were planning on giving for this section.)



On the board to help the students remember the order of operations in the beginning. Pick five volunteers. Assign each volunteer an operation. One will look for parentheses, one will look for exponents, one will look for multiplication and division, one will look for addition and subtraction, and the last will be a checker- making sure that we move from left to right if there’s two equal operations.

Write a problem on the board. Point out that we’ll look to the student in charge of parentheses first to see if they have some work to do. Then the student in charge of exponents, then student in charge of multiplication and division (double checking with the left to right student), and lastly the addition/subtraction student (double checking with the left to right student.) Do this a couple times then begin asking the class which student you should pick next for the problem- the exponent student or the parentheses student? Can we move onto the multiplication/division student now? Did we double-check with our left to right student?

When things are running smoothly, pick five new volunteers. Repeat the process.

When the students seem to be getting a hang of it- hand out a worksheet that has problems involving orders of operations. Break the students into group of fives and let them pick (or assign) which job they want. They will complete the worksheet together- each student looking for their operation. Half-way through the worksheet they’ll switch jobs.

Continue your main order of operations lesson plan and evaluate with a quiz. 
PEMDAS, like math, always begins with a :)!

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