Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3 Rose Parks in Columbus Park of Roses- Things To Do In Ohio

The Columbus Park of Roses is gorgeous! The rose park is one of the largest rose gardens in the United States with 11,500 roses in over 400 different varieties! Which is how every time I’ve gone between May and August, there’s plenty of roses blooming! The smells and views are out of this world. It is gorgeous and an absolute must-see if you’re ever in Ohio.

The park is comprised of three sections, the Heritage Rose Garden, the Main Rose Garden, and the Earth-Kind Rose Garden. Each section would be an amazing rose park on its own, but together they form a huge, mind-blowing garden.

1. Heritage Rose Garden

The Heritage Rose Garden is absolutely lovely. Here you can see the classic roses. It is best in May and June. There are gorgeous stone benches and the roses are penned in with a lovely wooden fence. You can walk on brick paths among the roses ranging from light to dark. One corner is completely engulfed with gorgeous deep pink and red roses. Their beauty and lovely smell is overwhelming.

2. Main Rose Garden

The main rose garden is incredible. While it dosn’t bloom as early as the Heritage Rose Garden, it is gorgeous all summer long. Here is where you get your large blooms with unique scents! There are grassy lawns where you can sit and read amongst the perfume of the roses. There is a lovely fountain nestled in the roses that glitters in the sunlight. 

Walk the wide paths to enjoy the roses or view it from above! There is a wonderful, raised gazebo that gives you a great view of the gardens! 

It is truly lovely to explore.

3. Earth-Kind Rose Garden

The Earth-Kind Rose Garden is kind of like the new rose garden and is best earlier in the rose blooming season. It has very unique roses! Gorgeous white roses striped and spotted with a deep, heart-pink.

Roses with three hearts or the ruffly roses. 

You can sit under a lovely gazebo twined with roses. 

It is a lovely end to the exploration of the park.

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