Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Our Family Soap


Our Family Soap at the Grand Opening.

Our Family Soap

Our Family Soap has been making some amazing home-made soap for a couple years. I had the joy of meeting them at the Webster Street Market. They are truly wonderful people and I love their products. When the skin on my face suddenly got extremely sensitive to makeup and cream additives I turned to their lotion and it helps so much! Plus it smells so amazing that I get complements all the time! It's even better than perfume. They make amazing soaps, lotions, shaving soaps, and chap sticks. They have opened up their own shop in Xenia, Ohio and have taken a lot of the Webster Street Market with them!

What You Can Find

 Of course, soap! Wonderful, natural, lovely-smelling soap! Shaving soap, soap that's fantastic for gardening, exfoliating soap, but all the soap is well-made and good for you. Lotions and lip balm that is fantastic for your skin and smells amazing!
Our Family Soap soaps!

Gnomes- the gnomes were well-loved at the Webster Street Market (I have a bunch myself snugly tucked away in their carrying case) and they've made their way over to Our Family Soap too! Come see the little cuties and accessories all over the shop. (My husband thinks they'd make great chess pieces.)
The adorable invasion of the gnomes!

Mark the Woodman had beautiful pieces of hand-crafted products from tables to clocks to furniture for the gnomes!

Pillowcase dresses and aprons from Flip Side Pillowcase- they are such cute dresses, all up-cycled, and very popular among the customers of Webster!
Flip Side Pillowcase makes some of the cutest up-cycled dresses!

Visit my cutie, cuddly Stuffed Animals- Our Family Soap is a great place to go and give them a hug to see how soft and fluffy they are!
 There are gorgeous, carved candles that are fantastic to look at- the detail is incredible.
 Enjoy beautiful flowers made by my lovely mother-in-law. They make great hairpins, brooches, and decorations- put them on your purse, on your shirt, in your hair, in your little girl's curls, on your pet's collar, or even on a Christmas tree!

There are dog treats made by young people who are learning new skills and improving their resume. My puppy absolutely loved them! Plus they come in all sorts of flavors.
Around Halloween the dog treats were shaped like pumpkins- spiffy! :)
See the pretty, colorful dog leashes that are very strong and very durable.


 30 S. Detroit St. 
Xenia, Ohio 45385

Business Hours

Monday-Friday 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Sunday Closed

Contact Them

(937) 776-8906

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