Thursday, January 9, 2014

7 Things To Do With Leftover Fondue

As I mentioned earlier, we recently enjoyed Fondue for New Years. Since there were three fondues and only four of us, there was plenty left over. I do not consider this a problem. There is no such thing as too much chocolate. Here are some things I found you could do to continue to enjoy your delicious fondue.

1. Leftover Fondue
The simplest- just put a spoonful or two on a plate or in a bowl and heat it up for a couple seconds in the microwave- tada! A mini fondue snack to dip your favorite treat in. (Or just slip a spoonful or two in your mouth ;))

2. Cake Icing
Ice a cake with heated up fondue. Oh my goodness- this is amazing! It was so good that I may very well begin making fondue just to ice my cakes. It's especially good if you put your piece of cake in the microwave for a couple seconds to get it all melty and gooey. It goes perfectly on my Super Moist Chocolate Cake.
Fondue frosted chocolate cake- yuuuummmm!

3. Ice Cream Topping
It's like a delicious home-made hot fudge! It goes fantastically on ice cream!

4. Fudge Brownies
Make your favorite brownies, throw in some chocolate chips (or cherries for Black Forest Brownies) and swirl some of the fondue through- it makes delicious fudgy brownies.

5. Turn a Cake or Cupcake Molten
Put it in the center of a cake or cupcake for that decadent molten cake everyone loves.

6. Hot Chocolate and Mocha
Add to hot milk or coffee and you instantly have a rich, creamy hot chocolate or mocha! Add it to some of the hot chocolates or coffees in my Hot Drinks Recipes.

7. Truffles
Once the fondue has been in the fridge for a while take it out, make small balls from it and roll the balls in cocoa powder. They make delicious, super-fancy truffles!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fondue for Four

So we decided to do something a little fun and different this year to celebrate New Years. Since my husband's Christmas present is a nice dinner and dessert at the Melting Pot, I've had fondue on my mind a bit. So to the Pinterest! I found some really cool ideas- like here where you Melt Chocolate Using A Crock Pot (links Here at The Yummy Life) and a bunch of Pinterest Dessert Fondue Recipes. So I decided to combine them with the help of DarlingThe Duck Fluffyfriend! I added water to the slow cooker to help melt the chocolate melt smoothly and easily and so that when it was unplugged the hot water would keep the chocolate liquid and smooth. Honestly though, I ended up not using any of the recipes I found. I made dark chocolate (I later made a Dark Chocolate Fondue Recipe,) turtle, and Toblerone. (Sorry, I didn't measure or anything, but it's pretty easy to go by feel for this.)

For dark chocolate I used special dark chocolate bars left over from our Christmas fireplace s'mores, heavy whipping cream, and special dark cocoa powder. 
For turtle I just used the chocolate chips left over from the Snickers Cake, caramel, heavy whipping cream, and roasted cashews.
For the Toblerone I used almond-toffee chocolate, heavy whipping cream, almond extract, and honey.
You just put them all in glasses, turn the slow cooker on high, stir every 10 minutes and once it's finished put it on the warming setting.

They were amazing! We served it with cheesecake, Oreos, marshmallows, graham crackers (to make fondue s'mores with the marshmallows!), strawberries, and mandarin oranges.

Oh my goodness, it was amazing! The variety was a lot of fun and everything turned out delicious! We're definitely going to do it again for Valentine's Day (maybe with some raspberries!) The only thing you have to watch out for is that when you've eaten a good deal of the fondue the jars begin to float in the water- so just keep an eye out for it and take the jar out of the water.
Have leftover fondue? No worries! Check out my 7 Things To Do With Leftover Fondue

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Buttery Baked Potatoes

My husband and I have absolutely been loving The Perfect Baked Potato by Creating Naturally. You can see how I've been experimenting with it by making it Garlic Roasted. So I wasn't terribly surprised when my husband asked for a baked potato for his birthday breakfast (and hey, he's Russian.) But we didn't have any olive oil! Time to get creative. Well what goes well with potato? Butter! Butter is delicious. For 6 potatoes I melted half a stick of butter, added liquid smoke and rolled the potatoes in that. Then garlic salt and pepper and baked the potatoes, following the Recipe.

They ended up delicious! They were buttery and added a melting quality to the crispy skins. It was just so taste I thought it'd be fun to share. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snickers Cake

Sorry everyone for not being on top of the blog lately. Sadly I've been pretty ill- making it difficult to cook, knit, and keeping on top of anything. :P I must admit, when I first started blogging I had no idea I'd get so many views... so thanks for checking it out, I hope you've enjoyed some of the ideas!

Anyway- on to the cake! :) Normally I make my husband my grandmother's Amazingly Moist Chocolate Cake with raspberry syrup and hot fudge for icing, but one night as I was falling asleep I came up with the idea for this Snickers Cake. A moist, almond honey cake topped with gooey caramel studded with roasted peanuts all wrapped in a smooth chocolate coating. We tried it out and it was amazing! I found it was very rich and could only eat small slices (though very delicious,) but my husband and everyone else adored it! It would be fantastic for kids' birthdays or anyone who loves Snickers. Barry The Teddy Bear Fluffyfriend helped make it.

Ingredients You'll Need:

The Cake:

The directions listed in this Russian Honey Cake (медовый торт)
1 Tablespoon Almond Extract

The Chocolate:

2 Bags Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Cake Topping:

1/2 Glass Peanuts
1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 Teaspoon Sea Salt
2 Snickers


Begin with the caramel. My mother-in-law taught me this cool thing where you place a can of condensed milk in a pot full of water- it must cover the top of the can at all times! Bring the water to a boil then bring the temperature down to simmer.
Let simmer for 2-4 hours. Again- make sure it is covered with water at all times! Or it could explode. When you are done let the can out to cool. When the can is cool open it carefully and away from your face. Bake the Honey Cake from Easily Good Eats and make sure you follow the directions- they're different from any other cake I've ever made. Add 1 tablespoon of almond extract to the egg-sugar mixture. (The almond-honey flavor follows the flavor of the nougat very well.) The batter smells amazing! Bake it.
Pour the peanuts  and 1 teaspoon sea salt into a pan and roast them on high heat, stirring often.
When they're roasted remove from heat. Cool the cake. Cut the snickers into small chunks.

When the caramel is finished, pour it over the peanuts and stir.
Once the peanut-caramel mixture is cool add the chunks of Snickers.

Pour peanut caramel mixture over the cake.

Melt the chocolate on the lowest heat, adding the chocolate chips slowly.

Spread the melted chocolate over the cake. Let cool. When you cut the cake you will need extremely sharp knives. If it's still tough to cut, put the knife in boiling water and then dry it thoroughly before cutting the cake- it'll melt the chocolate slightly while cutting. My cake wasn't terribly pretty, but it was delicious! (No snickering at the cake please ;)) I'm sure many other people would be able to make it much prettier, but honestly it's the delicious flavors! It's so satisfying with the delicious honey-almond cake, the satisfying peanut-caramel ooey gooey topping and the rick chocolate coating.

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