Thursday, January 9, 2014

7 Things To Do With Leftover Fondue

As I mentioned earlier, we recently enjoyed Fondue for New Years. Since there were three fondues and only four of us, there was plenty left over. I do not consider this a problem. There is no such thing as too much chocolate. Here are some things I found you could do to continue to enjoy your delicious fondue.

1. Leftover Fondue
The simplest- just put a spoonful or two on a plate or in a bowl and heat it up for a couple seconds in the microwave- tada! A mini fondue snack to dip your favorite treat in. (Or just slip a spoonful or two in your mouth ;))

2. Cake Icing
Ice a cake with heated up fondue. Oh my goodness- this is amazing! It was so good that I may very well begin making fondue just to ice my cakes. It's especially good if you put your piece of cake in the microwave for a couple seconds to get it all melty and gooey. It goes perfectly on my Super Moist Chocolate Cake.
Fondue frosted chocolate cake- yuuuummmm!

3. Ice Cream Topping
It's like a delicious home-made hot fudge! It goes fantastically on ice cream!

4. Fudge Brownies
Make your favorite brownies, throw in some chocolate chips (or cherries for Black Forest Brownies) and swirl some of the fondue through- it makes delicious fudgy brownies.

5. Turn a Cake or Cupcake Molten
Put it in the center of a cake or cupcake for that decadent molten cake everyone loves.

6. Hot Chocolate and Mocha
Add to hot milk or coffee and you instantly have a rich, creamy hot chocolate or mocha! Add it to some of the hot chocolates or coffees in my Hot Drinks Recipes.

7. Truffles
Once the fondue has been in the fridge for a while take it out, make small balls from it and roll the balls in cocoa powder. They make delicious, super-fancy truffles!

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