Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Buttery Baked Potatoes

My husband and I have absolutely been loving The Perfect Baked Potato by Creating Naturally. You can see how I've been experimenting with it by making it Garlic Roasted. So I wasn't terribly surprised when my husband asked for a baked potato for his birthday breakfast (and hey, he's Russian.) But we didn't have any olive oil! Time to get creative. Well what goes well with potato? Butter! Butter is delicious. For 6 potatoes I melted half a stick of butter, added liquid smoke and rolled the potatoes in that. Then garlic salt and pepper and baked the potatoes, following the Recipe.

They ended up delicious! They were buttery and added a melting quality to the crispy skins. It was just so taste I thought it'd be fun to share. Hope you enjoy. :)

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