Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fun Fondue

As I mentioned in Fondue For Four, my husband and I spent the first half of our Valentine's Day enjoying romantic fondue together. It really is fantastic for fun holidays or romantic evenings. (We even made some for the anniversary of his proposal (yes, we're that cheesy, we have a nice dessert to celebrate every year. :)) dark chocolate fondue for him and dark chocolate s'mores fondue for me.) So why post about it here? Whenever I tell my friends about our little fondue desserts they always are impressed, why? Because it sounds hard. But it's really not. The pure decadence is pretty easy to achieve. So then there's the question of how to make it. I hadn't measured the ingredients when I made fondue for New Years, so I couldn't give the exact measurements, but I've gotten a lot of requests for the exact measurements. This week I'll be posting fondue recipes-
Dark Chocolate Fondue

Milky Way Fondue

Brownie Batter Fondue

It's fun to pick red, white and pink things to dip in the fondue since they're Valentine's Day colors. We picked strawberries, cherries, raspberries, and cheesecake.

I also decided to try dipping ice cream in fondue! It actually ended up working and was delicious! I first got the idea from Fried Ice Cream Cake Fondue on Best Fondue, but the problem was I couldn't find pound cake! I tried short cake, but it was way too crumbly and it failed miserably.
Luckily I remembered a pin I repined earlier on Pinterest showing Ice Cream Balls being dipped in chocolate fondue. So I scooped out little spoonfuls of ice cream (I got itsy tiny containers of ice cream so we could try vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry), stuck them in a container and into the freezer.

Wow, it worked great! It was delicious! Like a little hot fudge sundae.

I also made my husband cheese fondue- just putting chunks of tomato, garlic, basil cheese and whipping cream in a bowl and melted it. (Sorry, nope, didn't measure...)

The fun thing was coming up with things to dip it in. We came up with bread sticks, cauliflower, sausage, Baked Potato, and bacon.
 For the bacon I used the technique I found on Pinterest for Cooking Bacon Over A Campfire. He loved it!

Quick tip- never, ever, ever, ever let any water touch the fondue ever. It will curdle.

Since it was just two of us eating the fondue we had a bunch left over- which was fine since I'd come up with Ways To Reuse Chocolate Fondue (My husband thought that post was funny, "That's a very specific post. Well, if anyone ever happens to search for it, yours will probably be the first and only result.") So I got to ice a cake I made for the Valentine's Day party later that evening and we enjoyed a lot of brownie batter hot chocolate while watching the Olympics the next several days. :)

Over-all it was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoyed some of the ideas and will enjoy the recipes that will be popping up later this week! :)

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  1. Thank you for posting this! The info was fun and helpful and the pictures with your soft fluffies were so adorable *cuteness seizure*