Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ice Matryoshka

My goodness, it's been cold out there this winter! Since in 2012 and 2013 we got barely any snow I kept saying to my husband, "This year I want a right proper winter!" I guess a little snow angel heard me. :) If you're in the area, go check out Charleston Falls Preserve- it's frozen!

So last year on Pinterest I saw a pin for Freezing Colored Ice In Water Balloons. Seamore The Seal Fluffiefriend tried it out, but sadly it never got cold enough. Then we tried again in the freezer with glow sticks at our place and then at my in-laws' and again, it didn't work. But this year it's definitely cold enough! But then I got an idea- ice Matryoski!

A matryoshka (матрёшка) is a Russian stacking doll. Basically what we're doing here is stacking ice! It looks really cool and if you want- could be a great way to teach children about primary and secondary colors!

What You'll Need:

Pots or Bowls of Various Sizes
Food Coloring
Below-Freezing Temperatures


We decided to make 3 matryoshki- one for orange, one for green, and one for purple (the three secondary colors.)

Now I would highly recommend boiling then cooling the water before using it- I didn't think of it and so my matryoshki came out a little cloudy. Boiling the water will make them nice and clear. I'll give the example in green to make things simple with a little note on how to do the other colors afterwards. Green is a secondary color consisting of the primary colors blue and yellow. So you'll need blue food coloring and yellow food coloring (and since the box comes with it, green food coloring.) Fill the smallest bowl with water and put a drop or two of green food coloring.

If you don't have green food coloring put one drop of blue and one of yellow. Stir. Set outside to freeze.

Once it is completely frozen fill up the next largest bowl with water and a drop or two of blue food coloring. You do blue next since it's darker than yellow and this way the yellow won't get washed out by the blue. Take the green ice out of its container- you may need to run the container under hot water to loosen it. Place green ice in blue water.

Set outside to freeze.
Once it's completely frozen in the largest bowl pour water and a drop or two of yellow food coloring. Stir. Place blue-green ice in yellow water. Set out to freeze.

Take ice out and set it up to enjoy the colors! You can also do this in the summer with the freezer to watch it melt more quickly! Or put a tea candle on top and as the heat of the candle melts the ice it will go deeper into the layers of your matryoshka to reveal all the pretty colors.

For Green Matryoshka
Smallest- green food dye (or blue and yellow food dye)
Middle- blue food dye
Largest- yellow food dye

For Orange Matryoshka

Smallest- orange food dye (or red and yellow food dye)
Middle- red food dye
Largest- yellow food dye

For Purple Matryoshka

Smallest- purple food dye (or red and blue food dye)
Middle- blue food dye
Largest- red food dye

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