Sunday, March 30, 2014

Disney's "Frozen" Party Inspired Blueberry Cupcakes

Disney's "Frozen" party inspired blueberry cupcakes.

These blueberry cupcakes are extremely delicious, but not too sweet! They're a buttery, moist crumb with wild blueberry custard filling topped with a velvety fresh blueberry icing. They're delicious and irresistible! Cuddles The Turtle Fluffiefriend helped make them for a fun "Frozen" party I threw as a girls' night. (By the way, awesome movie!) Everyone absolutely love, love, loved the cupcakes! Everyone had two and took some home. A couple of the little girls weren't able to come that evening, but I'm taking some over on Monday and I'll let you know how they liked them. :) Even my husband, Mr. "I only like chocolate pastries," loved the cupcakes- so that definitely shows how good they are!

Ingredients You'll Need:


Ingredients from the Bonny Butter Cake

Wild Blueberry Custard:

3 Cups Wild Blueberries (I had frozen ones)
3 Tablespoons Butter
2 Eggs
1 Tablespoon of Honey (optional)
Pinch of Salt


Ingredients for Best Buttercream Frosting
1 6oz Container of Fresh Blueberries

Optional White Chocolate Snowflakes:

White Chocolate
Edible Silver Dragees


Follow the directions for the Bonny Butter Cake and pour into cupcake wrappers. 

(Ever since the Salted Lime Dark Chocolate Cupcakes I've loved using tin foil or wax paper for wrappers- it makes it so much easier to get the cupcakes out of the tin!) Bake until the centers are solid and the edges are golden. Meanwhile, make the wild blueberry custard. I adore wild blueberries- they are so flavorful and in a different way from the blueberries you can buy fresh. Place wild blueberries, salt, honey, and butter in a pot and heat on high until it begins to boil, stirring. 

Turn the heat down to medium-low and add the eggs, again, stirring. Keep on heat and stir until the mixture thickens and turns pale. Turn off heat and let cool. 
Blueberry custard!
Take the cupcakes out of the oven and let cool. 
Such buttery, soft cupcakes!
Wash fresh blueberries and put in a food processor or blender.

Make the amazing  Best Buttercream Frosting from My Sweet Mission. (The frosting is so utterly delightful! Exactly as described- not too sweet and with a wonderful, velvety texture. I will be using this recipe a ton!) Add the fresh blueberries to the frosting and mix. Cut out the centers of the cupcakes and fill with the wild blueberry custard filling. 

Ice with the blueberry buttercream frosting. 

If you want you can make the Snowflakes that I found on Pinterest. Sadly, I didn't remember to buy white chocolate and we never have it in the house, so our cupcakes went snowflakeless. As a side note, if you wanted to make it cake and ice cream, you can make this adorable Snowman Sundae from Funny Food Recipes.

Just for fun, here's a couple pictures of the decorations- I hung blue icicle Christmas lights, sparkling snowflakes from the ceiling, and littered the room with stuffed animal penguins and polar bears. (I used some of the same decorations I use for Winter Decorating.) And yes, I know there's no penguins or polar bears in "Frozen," but I don't exactly have snowman or caribou stuffed animals. (Maybe I should knit some... hm....) 

You can also get some of the hairstyles from the movie like Elsa's Hair Style At Coronation and Anna's Hair Style At Coronation, both by Princess Hairstyles. I did the Anna one and it was actually much easier than I thought it would be!
And for the heck of it, here's "Let it Go" from "Frozen."

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