Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2 Pinterest Chocolate Desserts Review

Pinterest has helped me find so many cool things- amazing recipes, interesting ideas, and thrifty tricks. :) Every now and then I like to post some things I've discovered and tried out so others can know about something that is really awesome or something that might not be worth trying. Today are two delicious chocolate desserts! Magic Cake and Oreo Cream Filled Brownies.

Magic Cake

Magic Cake is a cake where you mix all the ingredients, toss it into the oven, and when it comes out it's split into three layers. This cool idea caught my eye with a Gorgeous-Looking Pin (if you're looking for a recipe for magic cake that isn't chocolaty, then definitely follow the pin since it has a lot of variety and even has cupcakes.) I wanted to double-check that this magic cake wasn't just another pin that sounds cool, but ends up failing, so I researched it. People have been trying it and it has been working. However, I noticed that a lot of people weren't thrilled with the flavor and were weirded out by the consistency. I decided to go for it anyway. I ended up using the recipe for Chocolate Magic Cake from Joy Cooks because it didn't contain any coffee- I'm not a huge fan of coffee in my chocolate cakes.
There were a couple changes I made-
1. I used dark cocoa powder- yum!
2. In peoples' blog posts of trying out magic cake they complained about the flavor of the eggy layer. So instead of adding a tablespoon of water to the egg white mixture, I substituted a whole tablespoon of raspberry extract.
3. I lined the bottom of the pan with fresh raspberries stuffed with chocolate chips. (Something I've seen floating around Pinterest, but never pinned and now there's tons of them and I don't know which is the original to properly credit the brilliant idea with. :( )

The cake turned out exactly like it should- three distinct layers. It was very unique! The eggy layer is a lot like the Russian sweet Bird's Milk (Ptichye Moloko/Птичье Молоко)- so my husband LOVED that. Everyone who tried it agreed that it was very unique and tasty. We liked that it wasn't as sweet as many desserts out there. I will note, I would recommend making the cake the day before you serve it. While we left a lot of the left-overs at the friends' house, we did take some home and we agreed that it was much, much better the next day since the flavors had time to settle. If you're looking for something cool and fun it is great. I wouldn't make it for children or people who are super sugary-sweets lovers since it's not as sugary as a lot of American desserts, but it's really great for any European friends or for people who avoid a lot of sugar.

Oreo Cream Filled Brownies

Normally I only make sweets when we're having guests over or are going to a party- we don't like having extra sugar laying around. However, going through a doctorate program is hard! So every now and then when there's a huge deadline or something especially stressful going on I like to bake my husband a delicious chocolate treat to help him out. This time around I made the Oreo Cream Filled Brownies by Cookies & Cups. (Very cool, by the way!) (My husband loves Oreos!) Wow, they were good! I'm glad she made the brownies with chocolate chips instead of baking cocoa, because I don't often have baking cocoa around, but I almost always have chocolate chips- so no need to run to the store! :)) I was super, duper impressed with the icing, I didn't expect it to actually taste just like the Oreo icing, but it did! Kudos for that! And the brownie recipe was delicious! The biggest thing I would say is to definitely listen to her when she gives directions on how to keep the brownies from sticking. I didn't have wax paper so I thought I'd be fine without, but oivey! Don't do it! Follow her directions! I would add that this is like a double-stuffed Oreo, with a ton of cream, if you want a regular Oreo you can half the icing recipe. My husband and I loved it. The only problem was how sweet it was. I wish I had waited to bake these for a party because they'd be absolutely perfect for a party (especially if there's little ones!) but it ended up being a little two much for just two people. All in all, it was delicious!

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