Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cocoa Leches Cake Recipe

Delicious, chocolate cake moistened with milk and topped off with rich, creamy fudgy icing? Delicious! Our friends from Ecuador introduced us to Tres Leches cake- delicious! However, my husband voiced his usual complaint, "It's not chocolate!" So I've been thinking of a way to make it more interesting to him- especially since he love, love, loves my chocolate cake with a glass of milk. Like I've mentioned before, he's been working really hard on his doctorate, so one day, to surprise him, I whipped up a half batch with Knitty The Penguin Fluffiefriend. He loved it so much that when I was making half a batch chocolate cupcakes for a party (more on that later) I made a full batch of batter to make the cocoa leches cake again. It's quickly become his favorite. (Before it was my chocolate cake with raspberry syrup poured over and iced with hot fudge.)

Ingredients You'll Need:

Ingredients For Amazingly Moist Chocolate Cake
Ingredients For TWO Batches Dark Chocolate Fondue
1 Cup Milk
Optional- 2 Teaspoons of Extract- flavoring of your choice


Follow directions for Amazingly Moist Chocolate Cake to make the cake. Whatever you do, do not take the cake out of the pan! The cake will fall apart if you take it out. Make two batches of Dark Chocolate Fondue. If you want, you can add 2 teaspoons of your favorite extract to the milk- I know mint and raspberry go amazing with this cake, but other flavors that would probably be delicious are vanilla, orange, or lemon. It's also utterly delicious with just plain milk. Poke holes in the cake.

Pour the milk over the cake so it soaks into the holes.
Pour the still-hot fondue over the top of the cake.
Serve and enjoy! You don't even need a glass of milk to go with it! Nummy! If you have leftovers make sure you keep it in the fridge! It'd be terrible for the milk to go bad half-way through enjoying your cake! :S

Cocoa Leches Cake

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