Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pinterest Review: Easter

Easter is tomorrow, but since we got suddenly invited to a family brunch, I moved my Easter plans a day ahead. :) This year I decided to try out a couple of pins I saw on Pinterest- swirl-dyed Easter eggs and cola ham.

Swirl-Dyed Easter Eggs

I first saw the swirl-dyed eggs a while ago, but haven't had a chance to try them until now. At first I saw them done with Shaving Cream from Paint Cut Paste. Then this year I saw that you could do it with Whipped Cream from Spend With Pennies. I did the whipped cream version. It was a whole ton of fun! It was very sticky, but worth it. They looked gorgeous for a couple hours until they were turned into egg salad and deviled eggs!

Cola Glazed Ham

Cola Glazed Holiday Ham can be found on Modern Mrs. Cleaver. Oh dear heavens, try this, this is delicious. Not only is it super tasty, it makes the whole apartment smell amazing. The scent of this heavenly ham mixed with the hyacinths and lilies to make the most incredible Easter holidays. Now if you've seen any of my other Pinterest Reviews, then you'd know I have a hard time following recipes exactly. I tried to stick to this one as much as possible, because it sounded so good! I couldn't find orange extract, so I did have to exchange it with orange zest. I used a little less of the sugary ingredients (but not less cola!) I cannot make a ham without cloves, so I did add cloves. (....fine, and some pepper.) It was utterly delicious! Since I added the cloves and pepper it was spicy (not hot, just full of spices) sweet. I think I will be making this every year from now on, it's amazing.

(By the way, apparently it helps make a delicious ham and egg salad sandwich!)

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