Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Post-Flying Bath Recipe

I love, love, love to travel. I love seeing new things. I always say, "I want to see everything!" However, I hate flying just a little less than I love traveling. It's not just the flying itself, the stress around the actual flight is incredible. You're making sure you're on time, there's the security, being jostled by so many people, pressed into cramped areas, canceled or delayed flights, and germs all around. This bath recipe is meant to help you relax, detox, rehydrate your skin, and keep healthy.

Ingredients You'll Need:

3 Tablespoons Baking Powder
1/3 Cup Epsom Salts
1/2 Cup Olive Oil (be careful- it's very slippery!)
2 Tablespoons of Mouthwash
3 Glasses of Water, Tea, Juice- anything hydrating with little or no caffeine. If it has orange, lemon, ginger, honey, or mint, that's even better. (You will not be putting this in the bath.)
Conditioner or Conditioning Wrap
Robe and slippers


First of all, I always try to make it so that there is at least one day between when I return from a trip and when my I have any arrangements. You need a day at home to decompress. As soon as you can (we always turn off our hot water heater when we're gone- saves on bills and energy,) fill a bathtub warm or hot water. As the bath is filling put in the baking powder, epsom salts, olive oil and mouthwash. The baking powder and salts help detox, the mouthwash and salts help relax and kill germs you might have on your skin, and the olive oil helps rehydrate your skin. Adding scents makes the bath even more enjoyable- things like lavender, eucalyptus, orange, and mint are lovely additions. I do actually love to add about a tablespoon and a half of Vick's vapor rub, but since it's not specifically meant for that use and there's the possibility of strong reactions (the vapor rub intensifies with water), I will not recommend it here. While you're in the bath condition your hair. I've found leaving even normal conditioner in your hair for 30-90 minutes does wonders. A huge problem with flying is dehydration, so make sure you're drinking those 3 glasses of fluids. (Plus you're in a hot bath, that also dehydrates you.) Make sure you are super, duper, duper careful getting out of the bath! Olive oil is very slippery! A lot of people get hurt slipping in bathtubs and you don't want to too! (Also make sure you rinse the bathtub really well so the next time someone's in the shower they won't slip.) Don't rinse or dry off- you want the olive oil to stay on your skin. Wrap yourself in a robe and keep warm until your skin has absorbed the olive oil. I always feel extremely refreshed after the baths and ready to take on another day. It helps with jet-lag and just feeling "ick" after a long flight.

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