Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Angel Brownie Batter Cupcake Recipe

Angel Cream Brownie Batter Cupcake

These cupcakes are from heaven. Chocolate and angel cream? Yes, please! They have a deeply moist crumb with an angel cream filling and topped with fudgy brownie batter icing. What's not to love?

I wanted a chocolate cupcake for the Party and I remembered how very, very, very much my husband and I loved the Brownie Batter Stuffed Chocolate Cake. The only problem was that if I stuffed a cupcake with brownie batter then it would just feel like the cupcake hadn't been cooked fully. So I needed another idea. Then I remembered my Brownie Batter Fondue. Instead of stuffing the cupcake with brownie batter, I would ice it! Cuddles The Turtle Fluffiefriend helped out.

Ingredients You'll Need:

1/2 Batch Amazingly Moist Chocolate Cake
1 Batch Brownie Batter Fondue
Ingredients for 20 Servings Of Holland Cream


Follow the directions for Amazingly Moist Chocolate Cake, but cook in muffin tin.

Follow the directions for 20 Servings Of Holland Cream.

Follow the directions for Brownie Batter Fondue. Fill the chocolate cupcakes with the angel cream and frost with the fudgy brownie batter fondue.

Serve and enjoy! They are so fluffy and delightfully chocolate it's amazing. People absolutely loved them!

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