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Hello, I'm Bonny Turayev, owner of Violet's Silver Lining. I love making things, building them- whether it's stuffed animals, writing, photos, crafts, computer code, gardens, or cakes, I love it. I've been asked, "why "Violet's Silver Lining?"" a lot the past while. Well, because there's been a lot of rough times in my life, (some of which is why I haven't been more open about personal things until now,) but I always like looking at the bright side. If things are crashing and crumbling around me then it's time to "upcycle" it into something new and even better. :) I hope that my fluffy stuffed animals and cheerful blog will help others find cheer as well, as my tagline says, "may all your days have a little silver lining."


* Moved around a lot (12 houses/hotels/apartments and counting) and traveled even more all my life. It's tough, but a great way to explore the world and meet a lot of people! 

* Graduated with a bachelor's in computer science and foreign languages. It is a ton of fun, I adore science, math, and engineering. (And reading, and writing, and history, and languages, and.... well, everything!)

* Married my first love, Oleg Turayev, and adore him more than ever.

* Like a lot of people, I couldn't find a job in my desired field, so I went back to school and got a masters as an "Intervention Specialist" (a new-fangled word for special education.) So long computers, perhaps I'll return one day.

* After I made a teddy bear hat for a friend's new baby, she suggested I open up an Etsy shop. It took me 2 years, but eventually I did. :) Soon after I began blogging, and with some help from Olga (who has her own great blog, Gray Cook Book,) I am where I am now. :)

* I taught in inner-city schools (high school, middle school, and preschool) where I met a lot of lovely students (who I miss terribly.)

*After 5 years of marriage my husband and I got the greatest joy in our lives and had a baby- our precious, darling little girl, "Violet," and now I have the job that I love the most- stay-at-home mother. I adore it and decided to stay home full-time with her and unschool her.

* My husband and I live in an apartment with a ultra-loving, perma-puppy shih-tzu named Mopsy and an evil (no, she is seriously evil), but lovable and hilarious perma-kitten named Ludwig. (We didn't know she was a girl when we got her and she seriously refuses to grow!)

My Husband

This may be a bit unorthodox in an "About Me" section, but he's a huge part of my life, so I'd like to include him. :)

* Born and raised in Russia until he was 14- specifically, Siberia.

* Graduated with a bachelors in psychology. He is currently working on his doctorate in psychology. (He's so smart!)

* He was reading War and Peace before class when a chick reading Gone with the Wind looked over at him and said, "War and Peace? That's my favorite novel!" When he found out she didn't read it for class, but for fun he decided he just had to ask her out. Girls- read a lot of books- they get you the best boyfriends!

* Married his first love. ;)

* Though he's blind, he has more strength, courage, determination, and humor than anyone else I know. (On top of being the best husband ever.)

*He is the most amazing father I have ever seen or any child could ever hope to have. <3

* He is just as obsessed with technology as I am (though in a different part,) and has his own blog, The Daily Google.

If you need to contact me about an order, please go through Etsy. If it's a comment about a post, feel free to write a comment for it! :) If you don't feel comfortable with either, you can e-mail me at violetssilverlining@gmail.com. If anyone claiming to be me contacts you through any other e-mail besides the one mentioned, please disregard it and report it to me.
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